Tips on finding Great Adventure Coupons

posted : 7/31/2012

Searching for Great Adventure Coupons can be a hassle. Locating promotions and discounts can be challenging, but here are some common methods to finding them.

1) Check your local Grocery Store Front Desk. Often Local coupons are made available thru your local Food Store and a Service Clerk can assist you. Theme parks tend to work out deals with local businesses as well .. so keep your eyes open.

2) Check out the Sunday Paper classifieds. Sometimes discounts are spread throughout here.

3) Check with your companies HR department to see if promotions are available. I know my company often has these as well as discounted movie tickets so it doesn't hurt to ask. Big companies do this as an added perk to employees and usually buy in bulk so they can receive a considerable discount.

4) Check the Coca-Cola soda pop cans diet and regular .. for years these have been the defacto standard place to locate discounts. The usual is buy diet or regular coke and get a coupon that pays the kid price for every can used.

5) Visit the Six Flags website directly to see if they are running any specials. Usually not the case but worth a shot. It's also a good place to start to see what your baseline prices currently are.

6) Check the internet coupon forums. Common favorites are and but their are lots of smaller sites that can be just as effective. Simply hit the active boards and do a simple search. Make sure take notice of the post date (as many can be older dated posts)

7) Call them directly and ask an operator where you can find the latest coupons. Sometimes they will simply say they don't know, but often when asked nicely, or presented correctly (seeking help) an operator can offer some tips for finding promotions.

Good Luck with your search for the latest discounts!