Six Flags Great Adventure New Jersey

posted : 9/5/2013

If your family loves to travel and enjoy amusement parks, the Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey is the right place for you. As of this writing, it is the largest theme park of all of Six Flags’ owned properties and, once united with the adjacent Wild Safari animal park, it stands to become the largest in the world with a total of 510 acres of land area.

First owned by restaurateur Warner LeRoy, the park first opened in 1974. It was then bought by Six Flags Entertainment Corporation as part of their long line of theme parks and other properties. It is located in Jackson Township in Ocean County, New Jersey. If your family is living near New York or Pennsylvania, this property is just an hour’s drive away.

The park is divided into eleven distinct areas, each one suited for people of different ages. Make sure to check their website to find out which areas are suitable for kids or teens. For extra dollars, you can avail of their Flash Passes to avoid long lines especially on their main attractions. As with all thrill rides and roller coasters, weather changes can cause these rides to be closed until the conditions get better; the website also offers information about this on each ride.

Roller Coasters

If names such as El Toro, Nitro, KingdaKa and Bizarro don’t scare you, then think again. Some of the great roller coaster rides you can enjoy are in Six Flags Great Adventure. El Toro, first opened in 2006, has the steepest drop on any wooden coaster and is named the best coaster ride in 2012. Look for this roller coaster in Plaza del Carnaval. KingdaKa on the other hand is dubbed as the world’s tallest roller coaster; expect to be dropped from 456 feet up in the sky at a speed of 128 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. Bizarro, derived from a Superman villain with the same name, and Nitro, once dubbed the number three best roller coaster in the world, are also some well-known favorites in the park.


Main Street - This area serves as the main portal to the theme park. Look for Freedom Fountain, a known meeting place here.

Fantasy Forest - Kids will surely enjoy this area with its bright colors and buildings made to look like giant ice cream sundaes.

Adventure Alley - This area plays home to the Sky Screamer, a starflyer-type ride that runs at 43 miles per hour. Also look for other classic rides such as bumpers cars and Ferris wheel in the area.

Safari Kids - Another kid-friendly area, this section has safari-themed rides and attractions. Be sure to take your kids to the Sky Zooma and Air Safari for great air-based rides.

Movie Town - Set in a Hollywood back lot, this area is not complete without its movie-themed rides and attractions. The Dark Knight Coaster, an indoor coaster themed to match the movie named for it, is located here.

With so many rides and attractions to try, one day for your family will not be enough. Six Flags Great Adventures, New Jersey offers this and more with its helpful staff and an abundance of stores, restaurants and other amenities. Planning an East Coast trip soon? Do not miss Six Flags Great Adventure in your vacation list.