Know Some Of The Best Water Parks In Orlando Florida

posted : 5/23/2013

Have you seen the different water parks in Orlando Florida? Or have you heard how amazing they are from people who already visited these water parks in Orlando Florida were so great? Water parks are recreation parks with water facilities such as slides that are wetted and big pools with mechanical waves. There are several water parks in Orlando Florida that you can visit. Well, to give you some views of these world famous water parks, let us discuss the five best water parks in Orlando Florida.

Aquatica Water Park

One of the latest water parks in Orlando Florida is the Aquatica water park. It is located fifteen minutes away from Orlando International Airport and just south of Orlando downtown. It is open everyday except for occasional Mondays and Tuesdays during the months of November and December. To be able to know the specific business hours of Aquatica, you can visit their website for more information.

Aquatica provides the best quality in service and safety. It also provides comfort to all the guests, the water park can be closed for a day due to its limited capacity, meaning there is high attendance already. This is reason that it is considered as one of the most traveled water parks in Orlando Florida. With regards to their amenities, they have gift shops and dining services inside. So, you do not have to worry where to get your food because they offer different choices of food.

All water parks in Orlando Florida provide smoking areas. However, smoking is allowed only in designated smoking places. In addition, there are over one hundred certified and qualified lifeguards all over the water park. These lifeguards take charge of the water attractions as well as ensure the safety of each guest inside the water park.

Furthermore, they have different rides and slides that can really make you stay enjoyable and memorable. These rides and slides include:

Dolphin Plunge
Cutback Cove and Big Surf Shore
Omaka Rocka
Kata's Kookaburra Cove
Walhalla Wave & HooRoo Run
Loggerhead Lane
Taumata Racer
Roa's Rapids
Whanau Way
Walkabout Waters
Tassie's Twisters

Wet ‘n Wild Orlando

One of the most popular water parks in Orlando Florida is the Wet ‘n Wild. This water park is known for its scariest and biggest water slides in Orlando Florida. Although most water parks in Orlando Florida are open throughout the year, it is still wise to visit their website for more information about their operating days and hours.

Wet ‘n wild Orlando is one o the water parks in Orlando Florida that provides their guests with many water activities and different rides as well as slides to enjoy such as multi-person rides, single-person rides, activities for kids, and other amenities. These rides, slides and other water amenities include:

Multi-person ride
The Surge
Brain Wash
The Blast
The Wild One
The Black Hole: The Next Generation
The Flyer
Bubba Tub
Disco H2O
Single-person ride
The Storm
Mach 5
The Bomb Bay
Der Stuka
The Knee Ski
Wake Skating
Lazy River
Wave Pool Surf Lagoon

You can also choose from different food stations such as:
Wild Tiki Lounge
Unlimited BBQ
Bubba’s BBQ and Chicken
Carnival Treats
Surf Grill
George’s Famous Ice Cream
Manny’s Pizza

With many different choices of water parks in Orlando Florida, these two wonderful water parks will definitely make you come back for more and will absolutely make you, your family, and your friends enjoy each moment. These water parks are worth every penny you spent without a doubt. So, in order for you to understand the thrill and excitement of these water parks in Orlando Florida, better go see and experience them yourself.