Finding Great Adventure Coupons and Discounts

posted : 3/10/2013

What is more exciting and thrilling than visiting the Great Adventure theme park? How about visiting the park with some extra cash in your pocket? It is the place of heaven for children. Finding coupons and discounts in the entrance tickets of a theme park is a very simple process. There are several methods to find discount tickets, but you have to give yourself a plenty of time to search. The best deals are always hard to find and don't forget that nothing is ever free. The following are the options by which you can obtain discounts and find coupons for a theme park:

Often Doctors will go to Amusement parks for medical conventions. The large pharmaceutical companies put on these events and give the tickets to doctors and for their family. Doctors sometimes are too wrapped up working to go to the parks and get an abundance of tickets. Ask your doctor if he has any extra for your visit. Also, check out a local travel stop for tickets. The highways are littered with signs for discount tickets and many people distribute a pamphlet that contains discount coupons for the theme park. Participate in any competition organized in entertainment malls, theatres etc and you can easily win discounted tickets or sometimes free tickets to go to theme parks.

Check out your local restaurants and you can often find discounted tickets. Fast-food restaurants near the parks can sometimes do advertising in the summer months and offer free tickets based on the amount you spend while eating. They may also offer discounted ticket pricing. Also, check your food stores because many grocery stores offer discount tickets for local amusement parks. Check out the local newspapers and see whether the theme park offer discount in tickets on special days. On select days, theme parks can offer "bring a pal/friend" or similar days. The friend you will bring may also get a discount, and sharing with a friend is a great way to go. Visit the theme park website and participate in the contests that the theme park offers and you can win free tickets or discounted tickets to the same. Enquire a person who frequently visits theme parks as they have some special privileges to get free tickets or discounts in the price of the tickets.

If your still looking for Great Adventure Coupons, you might also try inquiring at your school or school groups if they know of any discounted tickets. Theme parks often have offers for ticket prices on school visit days. The tickets have to be purchased through the school in advance. Check in an Entertainment book. These books cost fewer amounts and have discount tickets for many entertainment venues, from dining to theme parks. Many theme parks offers discounts if there is a bulk order of the tickets. Check out with the communities present in the theme parks, members of such communities have special offers or discounts to get the tickets.