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posted : 12/18/2012

Finding Great Adventure Coupons doesn't have to be so hard.

Is there any child anywhere in the world who does not love going to an amusement park and having the time of their lives?! This can also apply to adults - theme park rides are just so much fun! They give you shivers up your spine, thrills throughout your body and at the end of it, you feel so liberated and invigorated!

The first themed Amusement Park was called "Six Flags over Texas" and it was opened in
1961 by a pioneer in the family entertainment industry called Angus Wynne. The theme park is simply known as Six Flags - named after the six countries who occupied Texas over the centuries. There are now 19 original, themed water and zoological parks across North America. Six Flags has agreements with DC Comics and Warner Brothers and many of their parks feature well known cartoon characters. There are now so many theme parks all over the world - like Disney World or Sea World. People are willing to cross continents and travel miles and miles to find their favorite amusement park. Taking into consideration the enormous popularity of amusement parks and the lengths your average Joe will go to get to one of them, it can become quite a costly exercise. And as prices rise all over the world, so does the price of our pleasures! But wait, "... promo codes, discounts" - is that what you are saying? Well, I'm off then, I'm going to find me some Great Adventure discount and promo codes! Unfortunately, Six Flags does not offer any discounts on their website, but you can get discounts for Six Flags from plenty of other websites! What they do offer is discounted rates on big groups visiting the park, school children on a school outing, a crowd of young men there for a weekend bachelor party and so on. You simply have to make enquiries and you never know what you will find out.

While searching for amazing special offers for these theme parks, I started on the most obvious place - Google - and I found literally thousands of websites dealing with exactly what I was looking for. The website called is an awesome place to start as it explains the concept behind these promo codes and discounts; and, most importantly, it details how to find amusement park discount and promo codes. In fact, everything you need to know about discounts is right here on this site! Their aim is to have the most up-to-the-minute advice about making your theme park visit as extremely entertaining and reasonably priced as possible.

Wait, there's more: another marvelous website called from where you can get a promo code for just about every single shop, amusement park, hotel - you name it - they have it! In addition to this fantastic website, there is also - well, there are discounts galore literally blinding you - I have never seen anything like it! And did you know that you can "discuss" promo codes on line - oh yes, check out if you are one of those sweet and kind people who love to help others and who go out of their way to pass on any information about a great deal. If you have had a special offer anywhere, this is where you would discuss the benefits and let the rest of the world know about it. Say you have a whole lot of coupons relevant to babies, then you can find someone on this site with who to trade for other discounts more useful to you. If you want to know what coupons are on offer day by day, log on to

In our quest to track down promo codes, you can probably find hundreds of them associated with the partners or participating companies who work with the theme parks. Coca Cola often has little advertising gimmicks where you get a promo code under the lid of the bottle and this will entitle you to free entry at Six Flags for example. You could also stalk all the good looking waiters and pretty waitressess at the restaurants and hotels around theme parks in your area and find out when all their promotions are taking place, and invariably you will leave the establishment clutching a couple of coupons! And maybe a dinner date!

When searching for Great Adventure coupons, Just remember there are loads of sites online that are available to help. This trick is to do the extra work and find them