Cedar Point Fun And Thrills In Ohio

posted : 6/30/2013

Are you a born thrill-seeker? Are you someone who likes to defy gravity and to touch the sky?  You can try bungee jumping, sky diving, rappelling, or all those silly stunts. You can also try riding 16 roller coasters in a day. Yes, that is not a misprint: 16 roller coasters in one day. Where can you find all those? Look no further than Cedar Point, Ohio.

Travel Information

Located in Sandusky, Ohio, this 364-acre property is surrounded by the Lake Erie. It was first opened in 1870, making it the second-oldest amusement park in the entire United States. It also owns the world-record for the most number of unique rides with 72 and the only amusement park with four coasters taller than 200 feet. These achievements have garnered Cedar Point the Best Amusement Park in the World by Amusement Today, a monthly publication for all things amusement park. The park has a normal operating season from mid-May to Labor Day, which means the park is open daily during this span. Otherwise, the park is open only on weekends except during the Halloween week. Cedar Point is also home to a nearby white-sand beach, an outdoor and indoor water park, and several resorts.

Rides and Attractions

Roller Coasters

The amusement park has 16 coasters. That is tied for the third-most number of roller coasters in the world. Its signature roller coaster is the Millennium Force. This record-breaker coaster is the first Giga Coaster ever built with a height of 310 feet.  It was also the tallest and fastest complete-circuit roller coaster in the world during the time it was built. Patrons also love other attractions such as Maverick, Gemini, and Magnum XL-200. Their newest, The Gatekeeper, has also been highly rated by guests.

Take advantage of the park’s Fast Lane access to avoid long lines with these rides. As with all amusement parks, expect some of these coasters to be closed at the slight drop of rain or sudden weather changes. Check their website for more information on these scheduled or unexpected downtimes. Also expect some height and weight restrictions on these rides so make sure to use the test seats before trying out a ride.

Thrill Rides and Other Attractions

A trip to Cedar Park is not just about the roller coasters. The park is also home to 15 thrill rides, with Windseeker being the newest. Family rides are also aplenty here with 11 rides. Their Dinosaurs Alive ride has been a popular attraction since it recently opened in 2012. Kiddy Kingdom has 13 rides suited for children aged 12 and below. If you are done riding all you can ride, take some time also enjoy the park’s other attractions. Challenge Park is a paid section of the amusement park for different challenge games while Soak City is Cedar Point’s paid section for water rides. You must pay a separate fee to get into these attractions.

End it in style and flair by watching the different shows and attractions. Shows can be seen in different areas of the park. The newest and most talked-about so far is Luminosity - Ignite the Night, a pyrotechnics show featuring lights, fireworks, and dancing. Cedar Park first hosted this show in 2012 on Celebration Plaza.

If your family is more into rides, rides, and more rides, then Cedar Point is the right fit for you. The friendly staff and crew plus the endless stream of rides, attractions, and themes will keep you asking for more. No wonder that it has been rated as the world’s best amusement park. Enjoy the rides, savor the bonding time with the family, and do not forget to put the safety belts on.